Ladies and gentlemen, there’s been an underwater nuclear explosion. A beast has been awakened. It approaches with fearsome steps. Boom! Boom! Boom! Are we paying the price for our hubris of science? Witness the primeval might that is Godzila with one “l” for trademark reasons.

Juchiteca con cerveza / Juchiteca with beer

Juchitán, México, 1984

Photo by Graciela Iturbide

Amo México , I don’t need Coca Cola

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I really hate where I live now (and to be fair it’s not a great place to be young at all) but honestly I will find something to hate about wherever I move next and just be unhappy. I think I need a therapist more than I need to move.


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S - T - U - P - I - D when we go to the club we don't need ID everywhere we go its a party yall!!


can’t wait for fall this weather has got me fucked up


Elaine Stritch rests her bike, reads a note, almost causes a riot.      

NEW YORK, June 26—TOLD TO KEEP HER SHIRT ON – Blonde Elaine Stritch, understudy to Ethel Merman in the Broadway hit, “Call Me Madam,” wears halter and shorts which cause her arrest in Central Park. Today she was fined $1 and told by Magistrate Emilio Jones, “A beautiful girl like you could cause a small riot and cause a large crowd to collect by removing your shirt.” “Well,” she replied, “I was there all day and nothing happened.” (AP, 1951)

  • Uriel: Te acordás que antes yo te abrazaba y me daba la sensación de que desaparecías, eras como más chiquita, ahora yo tengo la sensación de que si te abrazo, sos del tipo de personas que se quedan dentro del abrazo. me entendés, eso quería decir.
  • Gloria: Probá
  • Uriel: ¿Qué?
  • Gloria: Probá
  • Uriel: ¿Puedo? .... bueno.


Cinematic Style: Hable con ella
Hable con ella. Cuénteselo.

El baile  y el salón | Cafe Tacuba

Yo que era un solitario bailando me quedé sin hablar mientras tú me fuiste demostrando que el amor es bailar…