I hate it when you’re watching something on YouTube and the ad is kind of interesting so you wanna see where it goes so you don’t skip it after the 5 second mark…it’s like you win this time capitalism

mi pobre telefono no da mas 

“I love kissing. If I could kiss all day, I would. I can’t stop thinking about kissing. I like kissing more than sex because there’s no end to it. You can kiss forever. You can kiss yourself into oblivion. You can kiss all over the body. You can kiss yourself to sleep. And when you wake up, you can’t stop thinking about kissing. Dammit, I can’t get anything done because I’m so busy thinking about kissing. Kissing is madness! But it’s absolute paradise, if you can find a good kisser.”
— Sufjan Stevens on kissing.  (via ironworthstriking)

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y tu mamá también (2001)

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I wanna be as healthy as possible and I work out almost daily and try to eat well but I’m not willing to give up beer :-\


suburbia mexicana
by Alejandro Cartagena